Private Bridging Loans

Found your dream property, and need to acquire it before you sell your existing one, or, maybe your current lender has left you waiting and settlement is fast approaching and you do not have a loan approved. This is a frequently encountered financial hurdle that can make or break an investment opportunity. That’s why Private Funding House have tailored a finance-bridging alternative.

If you require timely finance, and don’t want to wait for your current commercial property to sell, a bridging finance solution from Private Funding House is the perfect means to bridge the finance gap. This short-term loan allows you to seize an opportunity, by facilitating access to the equity in your existing property. Our settlements are fast with minimal requirements; you simply need a clear exit strategy (which is typically the sale of one of your properties).

Some of the different types of Bridging Loans that we offer are:

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Bridging Finance Home loans

Our Bridging Finance Home Loans are the perfect solution for home owners who need a short-term filler between buying their new home, and selling the old one.

Many homeowners find themselves stuck if they get into this situation as some banks won't allow them to settle on the second loan until the first one is paid out.

If you find yourself here, then contact us for a private bridging home loan.

COMPETITIVE Bridging Finance Rates

Historically Bridging Finance has been extremely expensive, however with our pool of lenders, we're able to offer competitive interest rates rates on our bridging finance products. 

Each deal is slightly different, so to get the exact rates for your bridging loan, get in touch today.

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Bridging Loans For All Needs

There are many different reasons why you may need a bridging loan which is why we've made our applications flexible to suit your needs. As a private lender we have more flexibility to tailor products to your exact needs, ensuring you get the finance you require when you need it the most.