Whether you are a first home-buyer or a more experienced property investor, our Private First Mortgage for a residential investment or owner-occupier property is structured to suit your needs. In addition to no hidden fees, this product provides borrowers with a hassle free private funding solution boasting the flexibility that banks and larger lenders cannot equal or match.

How does it work? As a specialist private finance facilitator, we often lend with greater reliance upon the equity in the security rather than lend against the character or credit history of the borrower (subject to an ability to repay the loan). If you have sufficient equity in your security, allow our team to facilitate funding tailored to your needs. For consumer loans, we simply require evidence of your serviceability and income. Alternatively, if your loan is for business use, serviceability is not as important, if you have sufficient equity in the security property.

Private Funding House acts much quicker than a bank or institutional lender, with verbal approval provided over the phone followed by an indicative letter of offer within 24 hours or less in most cases.

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Debt refinancing allows a lender to negotiate new terms on an existing loan with a new lender and has the potential to  improve cash flow, save money, reduce interest rates and restructure repayment schedules. Private Funding House debt refinance loan options offer more flexible terms and requirements than traditional lenders.


A construction loan from Private Funding House is the perfect option for those looking to secure a construction or development loan that they can draw-down in stages. In contrast to a term loan, our Private First Mortgage Development Site and Construction Loan enables borrowers to draw-down incremental loan amounts, usually in line with key construction stages or settlement of the purchase. In most cases our Borrowers are only required to pay interest on the amount that is drawn-down which converts to lower interest payments and harder working money when you need it.


There is no limit to the number of mortgages that can be registered over the title to a security property. The loan registered first is termed the ‘first mortgage’, where as the loan or mortgage registered second is termed the ‘second mortgage’. The difference between a first mortgage and second mortgage becomes apparent should the loan go into default, whereby the first mortgagee will get paid out first. For this reason second mortgages do carry a higher risk for lenders, which translates to higher interest rates.

The good news, however, is that Private Funding House can assist in overcoming the hurdles that often accompany gaining a second mortgage. We deliver competitive rates, flexible terms and a faster turn around than our competitors, making this product the perfect alternative to those offered by banks, other so called second mortgage lenders and traditional lenders.

In most cases a second mortgage will require an agreement with the first mortgagee that regulates the priority amount or amount secured and payable under each loan. This agreement is called a ‘Deed of Priority’ or Priority Agreement. As Private Mortgage specialists, Private Funding House can facilitate the entire process from application to settlement.