Private Debt Refinance

Debt refinancing allows a lender to negotiate new terms on an existing loan with a new lender and has the potential to  improve cash flow, save money, reduce interest rates and restructure repayment schedules. Private Funding Ho=use debt refinance loan options offer more flexible terms and requirements than traditional lenders. In assessing a debt refinance loan application, Private Funding House consider the equity in an underlying security property and/or the applicant's ability to repay the loan using a tailored repayment strategy.

This loan application process  does not examine credit history, character or credit risk, and can be approved to refinance credit card debt, ATO debt, car finance, first or second mortgages, cash out for any purpose or other forms of business and personal debt.

Low Doc Debt Refinance

Low doc refinance

Securing a low doc (or low documentation) loan is an effective means of refinancing if you are self employed or unable to prove your income through traditional means. A Private Funding House low doc loan can be used to refinance a home loan, a second mortgage, an ATO debt or other debt.

Low doc refinancing is a viable alternative for applicants who wish to refinance but may not meet normal income verification requirements. In contrast to conventional lenders, Private Funding House assess low doc refinance applications in relation to an underlying security property or the applicants ability to repay the loan using an intended repayment strategy.

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Low doc refinance debt

A low doc (or low documentation) loan can be secured to refinance an existing debt such as a mortgage, credit card debt or ATO debt. Choosing to refinance debt by obtaining a low doc loan is a viable option for applicants who may not have up to date financials or tax returns, are self employed, or for those who operate within a complex company structure. In assessing low doc loan applications to refinance debt, Private Funding House will a require evidence of serviceability or equity in an underlying security as opposed to recent tax returns and financial statements.

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Refinance ATO debt

Unpaid ATO debts can have immediate and lasting consequences on a tax payer's commercial credit rating. A credit rating 'black mark' can result in withdrawn financial support from your current financier or banker, cessation of supplier credit and difficulty obtaining or refinancing loans these are just a few ramifications for business owners who fail to settle unpaid ATO debts.

Private Funding House offer a range of ATO debt refinancing options, giving business owners, contract workers and self-employed the opportunity to quickly and easily settle ATO debts and protect their credit rating. Means of refinancing ATO debts through Private Funding House include low doc loans and private loans which only require  accountant declaration for income verification.